MapSpeller™ User Testimonials

MapSpeller users range from local governments to the United Nations, from educational institutions to businesses such as engineering, energy, utility companies, map makers, GIS consultants, etc. Below are some of their testimonials.

MapSpeller has also been featured in the Winter 2012/2013 issue of ArcNews, the quarterly publication from Esri with a print distribution of 700,000.


I can’t thank you enough for MapSpeller. Truly great product!
City of Lake Worth, FL


"I love your software! [...] I also use it to check the spelling of my database tables and feature classes which are published directly to the public via web applications."
City of Windsor, ON, Canada


"One of the best extensions/tools anybody has created for ArcMap."
West Virginia Div. of Natural Resources


"One problem that we have here in Central Oregon is the Buttes that are everywhere. It’s no fun putting out a map that has Pilot Butt labeled right in the middle of the City of Bend. [Editor's Note: MapSpeller uses Danger Dictionaries to catch such substitutions.]

And as vigilante as I am to spell check, prior to getting your spell checker I put out a map, with the title of “Red, White and Blue Festical” I didn’t even notice. Nobody noticed (or told me.) I didn’t know until the 2nd year of the festival when they asked me to create an updated map. Oh the shame!

Anyway, funny stuff from Central Oregon."

Deschutes County Roads Dept.


"I love your product...
It continues to keep me from embarrassing myself with misspelled words! :) "
Coulter Mapping Solutions, Inc.


"I spell checked a series over 100 maps for a planning document recently, and MapSpeller proved invaluable."
New York City Dept. of Parks and Recreation



"We have been using the extension successfully to continue providing high quality GIS products to our clients. Fugro West’s use of the MapSpeller GIS Extension has contributed to saving time, money, and resources that would have otherwise been spent printing multiple copies of GIS products to correct spelling errors that are now detected prior to printing."
Fugro West, Inc., California



"This spell-checker is the bomb!
I’ve reviewed 60 layouts [manually] for a week, and still missed seven misspellings [detected by MapSpeller] despite numerous people helping."

County of Mobile, AL - Engineering Dept.



"Nothing is more embarrassing than to turn in a map for final review and to have it come back with a street name misspelled or worse yet something in the legend. MapSpeller works well in all the maps I produce for my job. The smartest feature is the locationaries or spatial spell-checking.
What a useful tool!"
Virginia Commonwealth University


"The MapSpeller [extension] is working perfectly in production."
South Florida Water Management District


"I previously had to cut and paste into a word document to check suspected spelling which was time consuming and just caught the ones I happened to see. With MapSpeller it has taken the hassle out checking my spelling and sped up my map production."
A Large Natural Gas Producer


"Spatial spell-checking is imperative to our production process because our maps are used in books and reports which we apply publication standards to. The ability to tie a correctly spelled word to a geographic location is a very valuable and innovative tool."
HDR, Inc., Colorado

Thanks for the
awesome customer service!

City of Caldwell, ID


"I love your product."
Brevard County, FL Utility Services



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