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   Displaying the MapSpeller™ Toolbar

The MapSpeller toolbar is a standard ArcMap toolbar, and therefore it can be shown using any of the standard methods:
  • By selecting the Customize menu from ArcMap interface, then choosing Toolbar, and finally the "MapSpeller  by Edgetech America, Inc." item.

  • By right-clicking on any background area from the ArcMap interface and selecting "MapSpeller  by Edgetech America, Inc." item from the list of available toolbars.
if you don't see the MapSpeller toolbar...
If you don't see the MapSpeller toolbar in the ArcMap list of toolbars after installing MapSpeller, it may be because the ArcMap Add-In Manager is set to only allow add-ins from Esri. In order to use MapSpeller, you will need to select one of the two other options. Edgetech recommends that you select the option that requires the add-ins to be digitally signed by a trusted publisher. MapSpeller is such an add-in.

With ArcMap open, select Add-In Manager from the Customize menu, then click on the Add-In Manager Options dialog. The security options are at the bottom of the dialog. After setting the correct option, you may need to close the Add-In Manager and then reopen it to see MapSpeller listed under its Add-Ins tab. Thereafter, the toolbar should be available.

Another reason would be that the MapSpeller add-in was not installed by someone using the current login.

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