Licensing Options

MapSpellerfor ArcGIS can be licensed for named individuals or via an ELA.
  1. For named individuals in a desktop or Citrix environment
  • On a rolling 5-year usage license
    The software will run on the initial platform* for five years after either the software or maintenance purchase, whichever is last. To be able to update the software at any time (for ex. for a new ArcGIS version or a new PC), the maintenance contract must be current. The first year of maintenance is included with the initial purchase of the software. Maintenance also includes email technical support for up to two technical support or "keycode" incidents. Maintenance is highly recommended and there is no financial benefit in skipping it (other perhaps in financial timing) as reinstating it must be done retroactively.
  • On a year-per-year basis
    The software will run on the initial platform* for one year after the software purchase. If updates are available during that year, users will be able to download and install them. The software stops running after that year. To continue using the software at that time, a new license must be purchased. Email support for up to two technical or "keycode" incidents is included.

* See the license agreement for your version of MapSpeller.

  1. By signing an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)

With ELAs, organizations lease the MapSpeller software for the duration of the contract (typically three to five years). The software expires when the contract ends. Pricing is negotiated and is based on the total number of ArcMap users at the inception of the contract. ELAs enable:

  1. Governments to gain access to unlimited amounts of MapSpeller software
  2. Private-sector organizations to increase their original MapSpeller seats by 50% annually without extra charge
  3. Organizations to evenly spread the cost of MapSpeller over the duration of the contract
  4. Organizations to easily manage many MapSpeller users.

Depending on the type of organization, one or several of the following ELAs may be available:

  1. Small Municipalities and Counties ELA
  2. Small Utilities ELA
  3. Educational ELA. Educational institutions can also take advantage of Educational Lab License Agreements.
  4. Standard ELA. The Standard ELA is available to all organizations. The minimum number of users taken into consideration is 20.
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