Enterprise License Agreement

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By signing the MapSpeller Enterprise License Agreement (ELA), organizations are renting the software for the duration of the contract (typically three to five years). The software expires when the contract ends.
  • Governments gain access to unlimited amounts of MapSpeller software
  • Private-sector organizations can increase their original MapSpeller seats by a negotiated percentage annually without extra charge

It has the following benefits over the Per-Copy Licensing mechanism:

  • Non-discrimination: All ArcGIS Desktop users are offered the same opportunity to create typo-free maps and data
  • Even cash-flow by spreading usage cost over the life of the contract, avoiding initial higher cost of purchasing licenses
  • Flexibility: No need to purchase additional licenses when hiring or as the use of ArcGIS increases
  • Easier and more efficient management as the ELA is a centrally-managed purchasing mechanism
  • Lower unit cost in exchange for enterprise-wide adoption.

All organizations with at least twenty ArcGIS Desktop users are eligible for the Standard ELA. However, small governments, small utilities and educational institutions should also consider the ELA designed specifically for them.

For an ELA quote, please contact Edgetech America, Inc.

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