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   Registering MapSpeller™ for ArcGIS®

After the MapSpeller dependencies (the generic spell-checking engine) has been installed by a Windows administrator on a PC or Citrix server, everyone who intends to use the software must, under his/her own login name:
  1. Activate the MapSpeller add-in
  2. Obtain keycodes by registering via the MapSpeller interface with Edgetech America, Inc.
  3. Install the keycodes.

Unlike in previous releases, no Windows Administrative rights are needed to perform these three steps at MapSpeller version 4.1.


If you are not the person who installed the MapSpeller software using its setup.exe or if you will be using a different login name when using ArcMap, you will need to activate the MapSpeller add-in by double-clicking on the .esriaddin file that resides within the full MapSpeller package or that you can download from As a result of activating the add-in, you will be able to access the MapSpeller toolbar from within ArcMap.


If you are an existing user of MapSpeller 4.1, go to the Important Notes section below.


  1. With the MapSpeller spell-checking engine installed (using setup.exe) and the MapSpeller add-in activated, start ArcMap your regular way.
  2. Display the MapSpeller toolbar.
  3. Select the Options menu from the MapSpeller toolbar.

  4. Read and accept the licensing agreement, then enter your contact information on the Licensing page and click on either the "Free Trial" or "Request License or Maintenance" button.
  5. To obtain the keycodes, the information from the form must reach Edgetech America, Inc. MapSpeller users work in a variety of environments. Therefore MapSpeller will attempt to forward the information from the form (and only that) to Edgetech in a couple of ways:
    1. By forwarding this information to the Edgetech ftp server. No user interaction is needed for this, but ftp may have been blocked by your organization.

    2. By preparing an email with the same information and calling their default Windows email program. Users only need to click on the send button. This method requires a Windows-based email system.

    3. The computer may not be connected to the Internet or may not have this functionality. Therefore both of those methods may fail. If such is the case, users should manually email the following file to
      1. In Windows 8, 7 or Vista: C:\Users\<YourLoginName>\AppData\Roaming\Edgetech America\MapSpeller\MapSpeller_wat.txt
      2. In Windows XP, C:\Documents and Settings\<YourLoginName>\Application Data\Edgetech America\License\SingleUser\MapSpeller_wat.txt


  • Within a couple of days you will receive an email back from Edgetech America, Inc. with detailed instructions. Basically, you need to install the keycodes directly in your My Documents folder and MapSpeller will take care of the rest.
Important Notes
  • If you are already using MapSpeller 4.1 (but not a lower version) using the same login name on another PC, you don't need new keycodes. You can either use the keycodes and procedure that were emailed to you for this other PC, or better copy your MapSpeller personal folder from that licensed PC to your new PC. The personal folder also contain personalized dictionaries, usage summaries, etc. The MapSpeller personal folder is, in Windows 8, 7 or Vista: C:\Users\<YouLoginName>\AppData\Roaming\Edgetech America\MapSpeller; in Windows XP, C:\Documents and Settings\<YouLoginName>\Application Data\Edgetech America\License\SingleUser.
  • If the keycode is incorrect or corrupted (by a firewall, etc.) an error message will appear and a copy will be sent to Edgetech's ftp server, if accessible.
  • All MapSpeller users must request keycodes under their own login. No Windows administrative rights are needed.
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