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   What is MapSpeller™ for ArcGIS®?

A Unique GIS Spell-Checker

MapSpeller for ArcGIS is unique. It is the only spell-checker integrated with ArcMap and is the world's first geographic spell-checker  (U.S. patent No. 7,681,126).


MapSpeller is an extension to ArcMap. This tight integration enables it to proof and correct text in:

Easy to Use

One button on the MapSpeller toolbar proofs layout pages and one command in field headers proofs field values.

MapSpeller proofs in batch mode and reports all potential errors in a standardized window from where users can decide what to do with them, including "Replace All".


Spatially Smart

MapSpeller spell checks both conventionally and spatially. While conventional spell-checking is well suited for proofing language words, it doesn't handle geographic names well. Not a problem: MapSpeller complements its conventional spell-checking capabilities with its patented spatial spell-checking functionality. This enables it to take the geographic location of words in maps and feature classes into consideration when proofing them.

Linguistically Smart

The Multilingual Edition supports up to 11 languages (14 cultures) and can proof in multiple languages simultaneously.

Save Time, Expense & Embarrassment!

Read user testimonials or evaluate MapSpeller for 90 days for free.

The latest build of MapSpeller 4.1 is compatible with ArcGIS 10.1 through the latest release of ArcMap. MapSpeller 4.0.4072 is compatible with ArcMap 10.0; MapSpeller 3.0 was the last version compatible with ArcGIS 9.x. While MapSpeller is a single-user extension, it runs in ArcMapsingle- and concurrent-user.  The MapSpeller extension is licensed in a variety of ways.

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