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Fuel your GIS engine with the best data.

Datasets are a critical part of any Geographic Information System (GIS). Edgetech America, Inc. resells off-the-shelf GIS data, researches and integrates third-party data , and develops new custom data sets.

Off-the-Shelf GIS Data

Edgetech resells, among others:

GIS Data Research and Integration

As our Map Gallery illustrates, there are a lot of datasets out there. Often, the key to a project is finding quality affordable datasets and integrating them into a project. Edgetech is experienced in finding datasets, evaluating their usefulness and quality, and in processing them so they can be integrated successfully into projects.

GIS Data Development

While we create small new data in house, we typically team up with business partners to create large or specialized data sets, including taking aerial or satellite imagery, collecting ground data, scanning and digitizing paper maps in large quantities. 

Please contact us to find the best solution to your data needs.

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